Website Hosting

Need a reliable and affordable website hosting solution? We offer a number of packages geared to different business needs. Just like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. And, in many cases, a more economical package will make more sense than an expensive one.

Shared Hosting

A simple, “budget” solution. Suitable for most small businesses where occasional, rare downtime is not an issue. In this case, there are multiple sites running on the same server. If one site misbehaves and brings the server down, all other sites will go down as well. Keep in mind this event only happens 2-3% of the time.  On the bright side, it will only cost you $20/month.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A step up from shared hosting. In this case, a certain number of server resources are allocated to your website.  As a result, your site will run more “independently” from other sites on the network. Also, because of the redundancy in the setup, downtime will be reduced. Options are available to include a content distribution network, CDN, which will dramatically speed up the loading time of your pages. VPS packages start at about $50/month.

Dedicated Server

The ultimate package. You have your very own server configured specifically for you! A typical setup on a dedicated server will run around $180/month and up.

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